Window Coverings

Window coverings like blinds, curtains and drapes aid in home temperature regulation, protect privacy, add to the ambiance of the space and more!

Southeastern Interiors has provided installation of window treatments and coverings for years. Our experience and extensive knowledge of windows will help you provide the ultimate in protection from the weather and ensure your comfort.

Choose the Right Window Covering

Consult first with our interior design team at no additional charge to determine which window covering is right for you:

  • Blinds– We offer a variety of blinds made from metal, wood, faux wood, plastic, vinyl and more. Venetian blinds are some of the most-popular blinds available, and they work wonders.
  • Curtains– Drapes, or curtains, are window coverings often used in combination with windows that have blinds installed. Curtains’ main function is to add to the overall appearance of a room, but they also provide an extra layer of protection against weather.
  • Shades– Many of our customers love window shades because they are incredibly easy to operate and can block out most or all of the sun’s rays.
  • Solar Screens– Looking to reduce energy costs, protect interior property from sun damage and lower glare on computer screens? Solar screens block out heat from the sun like no other window covering can!
  • and more!