Wall Panels & Ceilings

Our commercial construction services are centered around the needs of our clients and we work hard to provide the best in customer service, support and craftsmanship. We have experience working with a variety of clients — churches, office complexes, gyms, stores and more!

Let us install:

  • Ceilings– Acoustical ceilings installed by Southeastern Interiors help absorb sound in offices, retail spaces and more. There are a number of different drop ceiling options to explore that control sound — suspended ceilings are great for hiding wiring and ducts, too. Going for a more modern look? You may also consider having us hang panels.
  • Wall Panels– If you already have, or are looking to add a wall system, Southeastern Interiors can install wall panels to help moderate sound and control acoustics. Wall panels come in a variety of colors and materials, and can be customized to meet the needs of your space. We offer wall panels in covered fabric, nylon, PVC, wood and much more.

We are your source for the best names in acoustic walls and ceilings.

Ceiling Tile:

  • Armstrong
  • Certainteed
  • USG

Southeastern Interiors wants to be the company you trust for all of your businesses’ acoustical control needs. If you are located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia or Florida, contact us at (877)207-3759.

Wall Systems:

Selecting the proper wall system for your office or place of business has ramifications that could impact your utility bills, employee productivity, customer satisfaction and more.

Don’t leave this installation in the hands of an inexperienced general contractor! From drywall to folding partitions, Southeastern Interiors is available to install a variety of wall systems on the interior of your commercial property — we’ve been building walls for nearly 30 years!

Permanent Wall Systems We Install in NC, SC, VA, TN, GA, & FL

  • Drywall– Sheetrock, or drywall, is the most popular form of wall system we install — and for good reason. Because it’s made of mostly plaster, drywall is extremely cost effective, relatively resistant to fire and generally easy to maintain.
  • Brick– If you’re looking for a more unique interior look, an exposed brick wall system would be an excellent choice. Brick walls provide better insulation than many other walls, allowing your structure to hold in conditioned air — and, needless to say, they are incredibly durable.
  • Cement Board– Unlike drywall, which can foster mold growth when exposed to water, cement board, or concrete sheeting, is much more resistant to moisture damage and is frequently recommended by our interior designer in places that are commonly exposed to water.

Don’t forget that we can also provide acoustical services for your new wall, too!

Temporary Walls Are Also Available

Demountable wall systems and folding partitions are perfect for businesses that plan to grow in the future. They allow you to adapt to potential changes in staff, spacing and customer base, giving you the freedom to control your commercial property — not the other way around.

Operable walls help you reallocate walls to accommodate your needs, if necessary.

Southeastern Interiors offers all of our commercial clients wall installation services. To work with us, reach out in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida online or by phone at 877-207-3759.