Spray Foam Insulation

We offer spray foam installation. You have a choice of Two Pound Closed Cell Foam (Gaco WallFoam System 183M) or Half Pound Open Cell Foam (GacoGreen 052), both manufactured by Gaco Western.

WallFoam 183M is an HFC-blown (zero ozone-depleting) liquid spray system that cures to medium-density rigid polyurethane insulation material. This system can be sprayed on clean, dry substrates down to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a class I fire rated foam that meets the requirements of ICC-ES AC377 Acceptance Criteria for Foam Plastic Insulation.

GacoGreen 052 is a water-blown, spray-applied system that cures to a semi-rigid very low-density foam. It forms a completely sealed air barrier in wall cavities and can be used to fill a 2” X 6” stud wall construction in a single application. It’s performance is superior to commonly used fiberglass batting or loose fill insulation. It adheres well to most building materials and will provide a continuous barrier against air infiltration for the life of the building.